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Why To Choose EduJoy?

Customized Learning

EDUJOY is unmatched in its value offering since it is the only platform where you can find courses that are tailored to the specific needs of every student without compromising on quality.

Community Engagement

Group learning sessions and peer learning create a friendly and engaging environment where not only can the students learn to express themselves better, but also develop their social skills.

Top of the line Tutors

Thoroughly vetted tutors that help us guarantee the highest quality of online teaching resources, on account of their achievements, qualifications, as well as academic backgrounds and prowess.

How EduJoy Works!


Find The Perfect Tutor

Look up the subjects you are interested in and choose the tutor that seems right for you from our community of highly qualified and talented instructors.

Schedule your lesson

This applies to one-to-one as well as group learning sessions. You will have the option to choose from several time slots, the times that fit in your daily routines just right.

Begin your lessons

Once you have signed up and registered for your subjects of interest, and your schedule has been sorted out, you can go ahead and begin your lessons; and watch as doors of endless possibilities open up for you!

Tutor With EduJoy

If you believe you have the qualifications and the talents to become an EDUJOY Tutor, join our community teachers who are already benefitting by imparting their skills and knowledge onto the next generation, while also generating an added source of income on the side.

Teach what you are best at

Work according to your schedule

Get paid handsomely for your prized contributions