Teaching your child through an electronic platform
17th January 2022 By edujoyonline

Educational institutions in most countries of the world have resorted to using e-learning platforms to avoid the spread of the Corona epidemic (Covid-19). The distance education experience for children is a rich and important experience that will help them in the future to deal with opportunities for self-development and get more education through e-learning platforms, to be more adaptable to this type of training and education compared to the traditional education generation. All you need to start using any of the distance education platforms is only a computer or a smart phone, in addition to an Internet connection. To startYour journey of exploration and learning everything you want in many fields and sciences, starting with languages such as English and French, or natural sciences such as mathematics, physics and other fields. Distance education may be better for some children, especially for children who are shy or who face pressures in traditional classrooms such as peer pressure or distraction, or for children with special needs or absent due to force majeure. The child acquires a set of new skills in the distance education experience, especially the skills of dealing with modern technology and the use of advanced programs and applications, in addition to the skill of managing and organizing time with an internal motive, and the opportunity to acquire the skill of self-motivation that will accompany him for life. These platforms have many advantages, as they give them the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the educational material on demand and at the time that suits them, and contribute to training children on the self-learning methodology. Another advantage of distance learning platforms is that they are based on individual education, so each learner can follow according to his own rhythm where he can watch two or three lectures a day according to his ability, this allows to show advanced and distinguished children, in addition to that these platforms allow flexibility in Learning by using many interactive activities, not just recorded lectures and e-books. Children and parents can view these courses and activities at any time and place as long as there is an internet connection, which makes learning easier, more convenient, fun and convenient for them. Until now, distance education for children is still an emergency procedure, but this stage may be a prelude to more stable procedures regarding e-learning policies worldwide, and we may witness an increased demand for e-learning in the next few years, Until after the end of exceptional circumstances.