Technical Support

Do I need any equipment to access my lessons?

Tuition with stress free requirements.

You can run the online lesson space directly from your laptop, desktop or tablet. Here is a checklist to ensure that you are ready for your first session.

You will need:
One of the following devices
  • • Windows Laptop or Desktop
  • • Macbook or iMac
  • • iPad
  • • Android Tablet
Headphones with a microphone
  • • We recommend a USB headset with a microphone, like this one.
  • • Apple Earphones and Bluetooth devices are not recommended as you may encounter issues such as echo or lack of audio.
  • • Any webcam will do! This provides the best experience for your lessons.
  • • Tutors are requires to use webcams..
Good broadband connection
  • • We recommend using a wired (ethernet) connection if possible.
  • • You will need at least 2mb/s upload and download speeds.
  • • You can check your internet speed here.
  • • Our full FAQ on internet issues can be found here.
Google Chrome or Safari browser
  • • You can find out more information on our supported internet browsers here.

The audio in the lesson space is delayed or broken up

This problem is caused by a poor connection to the internet, this could be because of:

  • • Poor internet due to a rural location (long distance from their exchange) Weak Wi-Fi signal from the router (one or less antennas)
  • • Weak Wi-Fi antenna on the receiving device (tablets etc.)
  • • Multiple walls/obstructions between the router and the device
Common solutions:

Get as close to a 'direct connection' as possible with one the below solutions:

  • • Wired connection with an Ethernet cable (recommended solution).
  • • Upgrade the router or buy Wi-Fi extenders or power line adaptors.
  • • Reduce the number of walls between the router and the device.
Other options:
  • • If you are using a shared connection you should make sure that other users are not downloading, streaming films or playing online games!
  • • If you are using a school or shared connection, the network will be slower at peak times, other students using the network will slow it down.
  • • A quick fix can be to disable video in the session, though this will affect the quality of the tutorial.