Welcome to EDUJOY!

These Terms of Service describe the terms and conditions applicable to your access and use of the website. You agree that by using Services and providing the respective consent, you are agreeing to enter into a legally binding contract with Edujoy and indicate your unconditional acceptance of these Terms, on your own behalf.


September 01, 2020       

Welcome to EDUJOY!    

Prior to using our EDUJOY and our services, please take a moment to read these Terms of Service carefully. In case you do not accept these Terms of Service, please do not use EduJoy’s facilities and do not register as a student or tutor or do not use our services otherwise.


1.1. Terms of Service

This document entails the terms and conditions that are applied to your access and use of EDUJOY and the website software, as well as any related mobile application that is available for use through or in connection with our “Service”.

The EDUJOY website means www.edujoyonline.com, which is an online platform intended to be used by students (and/or their parents) and tutors in connection with the Services.    

The EDUJOY platform has been developed to connect students and parents, who are looking for tutors, with tutors.

Our services include online and one-to-one, peer & personalized lessons; using EDUJOY as an online education learning platform. These facilities and features can be availed of through our website and any EDUJOY related mobile application.

By agreeing to these terms of service and providing the respective consent, you are consensually entering a legally binding contract with EDUJOY, which is indicative of your unconditional acceptance of these terms, on your own behalf and on behalf of the individual whom you represent and who will be directly using our services.         

1.2. Services of EduJoy            

You may access and use EDUJOY’s website, services and software as

(i)                  a Student;

(ii)                a Tutor; or

(iii)              a visitor;

by making use of the functionality, including consumption of the content, of our website.

Our platform acts as a bridge between students and tutors, who provide live, one-to-one, peer or personalized, tutoring, and learning services.

EDUJOY’s facilities and features can be accessed at any time, any day, any time of the year.

1.3. Amendments to these Terms     

Should the circumstances call for it, these terms can be subjected to the amendment. The changes to the terms will be in effect when the updated terms are posted to our website along with a clear mention of the modification date in the header.

Subsequent notifications on any changes will be communicated to all our users via an official email.       

2. OBLIGATIONS          

2.1. Services Eligibility             

EduJoy is only available for and can be used by persons aged 18 or older who is eligible to enter legally binding contracts. Anyone not of legal age can avail of our services under guardian/parental supervision.

In such cases, the parents are responsible for any activity the student partakes in.         

2.2. Verification           

All tutors enlisted by EDUJOY are required to pass a verification, which validates their ID and qualifications such as diplomas, certificates, etc. Tutors are also required to upload a copy of their ID and academic documents to their profile. Upon completion of verification, a confirmation message will be sent to the tutor’s email.      

EDUJOY is not liable for any information provided by any Tutor with the aim of such verification, and we reserve the right to reject or justify any documents provided that are dubious or unclear in nature. 

2.3. Privacy     

When you sign up, you are agreeing that your personal data & information is accurate, complete, and up to date. For more information on how users’ personal data is protected and secured, please refer to our Privacy Policy

2.4. Payment  

To process user payments, we use third-party payment services. For additional information on privacy security, refer to our Privacy Policy.

Through third-party platforms, users can make transfers and receipts of funds as payment for our services. If you transfer payment through the website or other related platforms/applications, refer to the terms stated in the Refund and Payment Policy.      

2.5. Refund     

EDUJOY’s goal is to ensure transparency in the financial relations between students and tutors with respect to our services. In line with the Refund and Payment Policy, you may qualify for a refund if you are dissatisfied with any of our services, or any other reason applicable.

As permitted by law, any refunds at any time can be subjected to investigation and at our sole discretion only. 


3.1. Your License to EDUJOY 

As a student, you gain limited rights to access and consume the services, software, and features of EDUJOY granted it is for non-commercial and personal use, and subject to our policies and restrictions.

As a Tutor, you are granted limited rights to access and use EDUJOY’s services, software, and feature, only to deliver your services to your students. These rights are also subject to our policies and restrictions. Your license or subscription to our services cannot be shared with others.

3.2. Your Account       

To become a registered user, you must sign up through our website. You must register yourself based on whether you are accessing our services and software as a Student or Tutor.

By registering, you are agreeing to secure your login credentials from unauthorized use, and the responsibility of any activity that takes place under your credentials is solely your responsibility.

In case your log-in credentials have been compromised, you should notify us immediately so that corrective action can be taken promptly.


3.3. Direct Interactions            

EDUJOY is not directly involved in student-tutor interactions.

EDUJOY can automatically monitor interactions between users only if any content posted by users is questionable or encroaching upon the rights of other users.

Lessons will be subject to random recordings. The purpose of this is to monitor our services and to look into any disputes that may arise from those interactions. EDUJOY is not obliged to but might take a look into conflicts between users.

Lessons should be supervised by a responsible adult.      

EDUJOY does not retain control over monetary transactions between users except for regulation of payments and refunds claimed by users.

EDUJOY also does not retain control over Tutor Packages offered.

The reviews or ratings given by users are posted only after approval from EDUJOY administrators.

3.4. Representations and Warranties            

Tutor Representations- if you are using Edujoy as a tutor, you

(i)                  Accept and warrant that you can fulfill any offers provided in a Tutor Session or a Tutor Package.

(ii)                Acknowledge and agree that EduJoy has authority to advertise on your services in your Tutor Packages without being obligated to pay you;          


Student Representations- If you are a student or parent using EDUJOY,

(i)                  Upon purchase of a package or session, you are agreeing to stand by our fee policies and the billing process

(ii)                You agree to make honest efforts to work hard and interact with your Tutor online

3.5. Tutors’ introduction video and profile picture

EduJoy has full authority to use Tutor’s Introduction video and profile picture to market and advertise the platform.

In case you want your introduction video and profile pictured taken down from our pages on external platforms, you simply have to write to us at support@EduJoy.com.


3.6. Lesson Recording

You are consenting for your classes and lessons to be periodically recorded by EDUJOY, for the sole purpose of maintaining a standard of quality for our services.

Recordings will not be used for marketing and advertising purposes.


3.7. Lessons exchange program

EDUJOY credits can only be exchanged for lessons on our website, and not for cash. Credits can be used within 180 days of the last time the student logged into their profile. If the unused, all EduJoy Credits will expire, and cannot be recovered.


3.8. Limits         

Any misuse of the website, as deemed by EDUJOY, may result in immediate suspension and/or termination of a User with or without notice in the following cases:

a.     Using a name, title, or language that EduJoy, in its sole discretion, considers offensive; 

b.     Post hateful, racially or ethnically objectionable content; 

c.     Post content that violates another’s copyrights, trademark or trade secret; 

d.     Violate any local or international laws or regulation; 



The responsibility and liability for the conduct of users, or views, opinions, and statements expressed in Content posted to our website does not fall to EDUJOY.

We can remove any material that we find to be in violation of these Terms or otherwise objectionable at our sole discretion.

The responsibility for the Content that you post to this Website falls solely unto you.           


Without your explicit consent, your content will not be used for marketing and advertising on our official pages on external platforms.



Our services do not count as employment services, and we are not employers unless you sign a written and signed employment contract.

EDUJOY services may only be used for non-commercial and personal consumption; or to deliver your service you’re your clients, subject to these Terms.

Accordingly, we cannot be held liable for any tax or withholding, including but not limited to, unemployment insurance, employer’s liability, social security, or payroll withholding tax relating to your use of Services or Users’ services.

You acknowledge and accept that if we determine you liable for any of the aforementioned transgressions, you will be required to reimburse and pay to EduJoy an equivalent amount, including any interest or penalties thereon.

In using the services of our website, users are acting as individual contractors, as opposed to EUJOY’s employees, freelancers, agents, or the likes.

Hence, the responsibility of the cost you or your organization incurs will fall unto you. You shall not claim to have the authorization to enter contracts or make promises on behalf of EDUJOY.     


As a tutor, you are agreeing to be reviewed and rated by the student along an array of criteria, as determined by EDUJOY.

Our automatic feedback and rating system is provided as a vehicle to allow users to express their opinions publicly. EduJoy is not obligated to monitor, censor or mediate opinions or investigate any remarks posted by Users for accuracy or reliability unless the post is brought to the attention of EDUJOY administrators.

We have no legal responsibility for any feedback or opinion posted onto our website or on our official third party pages, even if the comments contain defamation or otherwise legally actionable remarks.

The administration should immediately be alerted of violations, abuse, or racial transgressions of our rating and feedback system on our website.


Unless stated otherwise in a documented form, the line of communication between users and the platform will primarily be via email, regular mail, or by posting communications on this Website.

Upon not receiving a response to an email message about inquiry into violation, dispute, or complaint within 2 (two) business days, your use of our service will be prone to be suspended or terminated.

You can cease messages of a certain nature from EDUJOY by submitting a notification to us to modify the types and frequency of such communications.


As per our policy, we can terminate users and restrict access to or use of our services for any user who is found to be in violation of these Terms.

 To terminate this agreement at any time, you may cease to use our Services and/or delete your account. If your account has been inactive for 180 days within the last activity on EDUJOY or the last payment, we will consider your account to be expired, and thereby it will be deleted.     


EDUJOY and its licensors own any intellectual property in the design and layout of this Website, Software, and the material and information published on its pages.

Unless explicitly consented to by EduJoy or by Content providers, the content cannot be reproduced, edited, distributed, or republished or produced subsidiary versions of the Content of others, partially or wholly, by any means.

You cannot omit or edit any copyright or trademark notice of ownership.


In accordance with EduJoy’s respect for content owners, our policy is to take immediate action upon being notified of possible infringements. If you are under the impression that any content on our website is in violation of your copyright, a request should be sent in for the removal of the content, whereby you will be required to submit a clear document of the material in question and the page it is on the Website;           


13. Limitation of liability            

(a) Disclaimer- EDGUJOY cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect, special, accidental, consequential or exemplary damages (including the likes of data) resulting from the use or inability thereof; access by unauthorized personnel for use or misuse of the website or any information contained thereon.

(b) Limitation- you are acknowledging an accepting that EDUJOY’s collective liability relating to these terms, the website, the software, the services, the content, or any listing or services, will not be more than the amounts, if any, you paid in commissions to EDUJOY for the services over a three month period.



Countries outside of the United Arab Emirates can also access this website, but on doing so, you will be solely responsible to comply with local laws and regulations.       


15. INDEMNIFICATION            

When you use our faculties, you are agreeing to indemnify, hold harmless and defend EduJoy from any claims, damages, losses, liabilities, and all costs and expenses of defense, such as attorneys' fees, which have come as a direct or indirect result of a claim by a third party pertaining to how you have used our services, including the likes of; 

a)      Violating rights of another, including any alleged infringement of copyrighted property or other rights of any person or entity relating to the Website; 

b)      Conflicts between Users;

c)      Transgression upon any applicable law or regulation; 

d)      inaccurate, untimely, incomplete or misleading User information, including but not limited to information about registration, user profile or eligibility; 

You are also accepting that you will be cooperative as requested in the defense of such claims.

We retain the authority to- at our own expense, make the assumption of the exclusive defense and control of any matter, which would otherwise subject to indemnification by Users.


16. GOVERNING LAW              

To be confirmed             


17. NON-SOLICITATION           

Users of the platform cannot be contacted for employment, contracting, or any other purpose unrelated to EDUJOY’s service, unless you receive a written and documented permission from EduJoy.             

Our service must also not be used to collect usernames and/or email addresses of users by electronic or other means without the explicit written consent of EduJoy, acquired prior to the fact.     


These Terms of service, in addition to any later amendments and any additional agreements you may enter into with the platform that relate to the Services, shall make up the entire agreement between you and EDUJOY pertaining to our Services.

If any part of these Terms of service is found to be unlawful, void, or unenforceable, we will consider that part severable, and the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not be affected  


19. CONTACTS              

For additional information and if you have any questions about these Terms, please contact legal@EduJoy.com.